Why Do Guys Cheat? How To Save Your Relationship

Is fixing a broken marriage a priority for you? Do you even know where to begin? Do you feel like the problems in your marriage are beyond repair? Experts have proven time and again that even the toughest marital difficulties can be resolved with focus, effort, and dedication. Here are five ways you can start fixing a broken marriage today.

Solution: couple counselling singapore is cheaper. It’s not because the therapist is any less credentialed, experienced and professional. It’s because he or she don’t have clinic-keeping costs. Also, you pay per minute and not per session. So if your phone call or chat took only 10 minutes, you only pay for 10 minutes.

If you feel bored in your marriage, then you could be putting off signals that tell your husband that you’re not interested in him any longer. If you want to spice up your marriage, you’ve got to change the way you relate.

One of the most effective ways to bring the love back into your married life and save Christian marriage from the pain of separation is to work on reconnecting with each other in various aspects of your lives.

Friends, although they may not know it, take sides. For example if it is you who is the person who’s looking for advice, they may give advice that which only benefits you.. They do not want to worsen things for you or your spouse but they present advice that will benefit one of you a lot more than the other.

If you’re asking “How can we save our marriage?” then you’ve made a very important step already. You’ve realized that there is a problem, or a set of problems, that needs attention. Recognizing that a problem exists is the first step to solving it.

Why do guys cheat? Some people, even some scientists, say that cheating is built into a man’s DNA. After all, even species that mate for life “cheat” on each other! According to this theory, men are psychologically hard wired to spread their DNA far and wide – so, no matter how great his mate is, a guy is biologically entitled to cheat!

For tip number three you will need to get paper and pencil again. This time you will be writing down the problems that you see in each other. Once you have completed this task, discuss what you can do to fix the problems that you see and come to an agreement. These three tips should really help you with your marriage, and you didn’t have to pay a dime for them!

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