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Ammar Harris, the suspect of a multi-state manhunt and driver of the black Range Rover charged with the murders of rapper Kenny Clutch and two other innocent bystanders on the Las Vegas strip on Feb. 21, was arrested today in North Hollywood, according to The Daily News.

By late yesterday, police had caught up with and interviewed all of the passengers, three women, who were riding in Harris’ Range Rover last Thursday during the shootings. None of those women have been charged with any crimes.

From the perspective or real, authentic, women’s self-defense, you might believe that the most dangerous person or things that you need to be aware of are strangers hiding in the bushes. And, if you did have this belief, then you might be dead wrong (Pun Intended).

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There were two medical examiners who testified, Dr. Ortiz-Reyes and Dr. Dragovic. All the medical examiners did was testify about what we already knew. The state got Dragovic to say that the wounds on Jeff’s hands were consistent with swinging a board .Yet they never even proved that a board was the murder weapon. There’s no murder weapon. They told you that, but they don’t know what it was.

He was convicted of a 2004 felony possession with intent to sell a stolen pistol in S.C., plus another 2004 conviction in Atlanta for misdemeanor marijuana possession.