Tips For Learning To Read Piano Notes

As you can tell, the top of circle starts on a C note, and clockwise, it goes up in intervals of perfect fifths. However, counter-clockwise, it goes down in intervals of perfect fifths.

It’s the same in Sharps, too, except backward. If there is one sharp in a key signature, it is always F. Two 犀利士購買 in a key signature are always F and C. Three are F, C, and G. And so on.

When you reach the highest E string, play each note up to the 12th fret, while saying its name out loud. This should lead Sharps to buy another discovery. The note you find by the 12th fret is the same name as that first open note of high E. This is because the sequence starts again with every thirteenth note. One cycle twelve notes apart is known as an octave.

Play the F major scale up and down but now add B flat (or Bb) to the scale. We need this, because, remember, whole and half steps have to be arranged in the same order as in C major.

If you’re dealing with a chord chart, you will suddenly see a bunch of chords that all of a sudden don’t fall into the same chord pattern that you were just playing.

Identifying the notes on an electronic keyboard is actually very easy. It does NOT matter how many keys your keyboard has, nor what note it starts on. The technique for identification is always the same on any-sized keyboard.

Finding a piano is not as hard as it sounds if you know where to look. If you don’t own a piano, start looking in places known for helping people – your local community center or church are good choices. You can also look in consignment, second chance and thrift stores to see if you can find a used model. And, don’t forget your local music store. While they sell music and musical instruments, they may let you try out and practice a bit on their equipment before they start pressuring you to buy.

Conclusion: By memorizing the circle of fifths and which sharps and flats to add to each scale you should be able to play any major scale you wish without a problem.