They Laughed When I Said I Was Going To Start My Own Business

ChaChing!!! Last month my blogs earned me more than $5,000. Everyone has been asking me “How can I make that kind of scratch writing a bunch of B_LL SH_T on the World Wide Web?” HAHAEURIt aint so easy but folks, it sure is fun. And I am more than happy to share with you the blogger’s do’s and don’ts.

As with any other new popular thing, there are a lot of new people interested in getting involved themselves. A lot of these new people, however, have no experience online, and often have little experience using a computer all together. That should not discount from them the opportunity of blogging.

Start off and write down what you want to achieve. What sort of boss and leader do you want to be? Think about great leaders and bosses in your own life to help you create realistic goals. Then write where you are now. Follow that up with a list of your strengths and weaknesses that will help or impede your progress towards your goal.

Just because there are a lot of political Join me s out there doesn’t mean they are the same- and they shouldn’t be. The only way people are going to make time to seek out your blog is if it’s original and interesting. Post photos, statistics with charts and fresh content. Make your blog interactive. Post polls and take surveys of your readers. When people add feedback, they are suddenly invested and will therefore be more interested in your blog verses other blog that don’t provide the same back and forth communication.

Once you see yourself more like a business owner and not a photographer you start to look at things with an objective eye. For example, would you feel hurt if someone walked into your clothing store and then walked out because it was too expensive? Probably not. It’s a subtle but important difference to the way you look at things.

More and more people are realising that blogging is one of the best ways to start your own online blog business. That is how you/I need to make money online without spending a lot of money. It’s FREE to join and you can get started making money online very quickly. Google AdSense is the only way to make real money online.

Just take the time to really think about what you could be writing about and then how you can make money with that as well. You can take a look at others blogs to get an idea and see what other people are looking for.

Some sites pay for people to create topical hubs. These hubs are usually created by people who are experts on a particular topic. They put an overview together and assemble resources from around the internet. They are paid based on affiliate fees and ad revenue. If done without the sites, you will gain higher rates but will not be supplied with the tools from the sites to make the job easier. One last tool that can be used for making money online is advertising the products of other people. This can be done by placing simple ads on your site.