The Young And The Restless And All Those Rats

You’ve seen the droppings. You’ve heard the scratching. And late one night, you saw its beady eyes staring you down when you went to the kitchen for a midnight snack. A rat’s taken up residence in your home and you want it out. If you want the vermin disposed, but you don’t want to kill it, you can catch the rat by making a human rat trap out of common household items.

I got home and checked all the hiding places again and not knowing where he was, decided to hold off on the poison and make another trip to the hardware store for some of the larger sticky traps for rats as that is what worked the last time. I picked up four of the big ones, blocked off the kitchen door way with them, baited them with peanut butter and a piece of bread stuck on top. Three covered the space in the door way so I placed the forth on the top stair, just in case he was in the basement.

Another popular style of harness/ binding is made from one single piece of rubber. These are so simple that they can even be made from old truck inner tubes. They are basically just a flap fastened to the snowshoe crossbar at the front corners, with a hole in the middle. You force your boot into the hole and stretch the rubber around the heel of your boot. These are fine for multiple wearers, because there is nothing to adjust between uses. However, they offer less control of the shoe and they don’t last as long.

Aside from that, this trap kills 10 rats without resetting and kills the critter within 5 seconds with a high voltage shock. In addition, this electric Rottestop is easy to use. Just place your mouse trap bait that can lure the critter towards the trap, turn on the trap and once you’ve captured the rodent, simply empty the chamber and wait for the next rodent to get in. It’s a Multi Kill miracle!

Time to get to the rat runner ups. Adam, Billy and even Chance can be easily placed in the rodent category. Adam’s relationship with Sharon is driving me nuts, Chole’s domestic bliss with Chance remains suspect to say the least and just doesn’t ring true for me and the fact that Billy is scrambling around attempting to rat out just about anyone with his Restless Style poisonous pen is another issue for me. Chance is another entire story in my book. He simply sounds too good to be true.

Before we turned in for the night we decided not to take a chance and go ahead and block the space under the upstairs door again. I assume that the mouse, if still alive would not be able to climb the stairs so I set the trap behind the washer in the basement. A little after midnight my wife placed her hand on my chest and said, did you hear that! Yes I hear the mouse above the ceiling stirring around again, he seemed very much alive. In the morning I found one mouse drop on the sheet that I used under the door and the trap was empty.

The E100 is featured as a small frame and a big ride. It only weighs 120 pounds and is designed for kids eight years and older. It’s top speed is about 10 miles per hour… just enough to scoot past that nasty pit bull that belongs to Mr. Taylor. Plus can you imagine my friend’s expressions as I coast into the ballpark on my new electric racing red scooter.

You don’t have to be a genius to learn photographic memory skills. All you need is constant practice so that these techniques become a conditioned reflex for you.

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