Samsung I900 Omnia – Mobile Phone Review

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Brands like Spice and Micro max already have such phones at similar price point, so it definitely will be interesting to watch what impact Nokia India makes in this segment. Nokia C3-01 has good camera quality but it has no flash facility. At rest the camera is good for well lit environment. Nokia C3-01 mobile has no 3G internet facility but it has Wi-Fi facility which generally available only in the mobiles of Rs. 10,000 or above. It is very light weight, the in-built memory of Nokia C3-01. Loads of mobile stores in Hyderabad are giving better services in selling and purchasing mobiles.

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The screen size of this tablet measures 5.3 inches this makes it convenient to jot notes, scribble doodles or enter other content using stylus. Another interesting thing to notice about this screen is that it has a feature of Multi-screen. This feature enables running multiple apps on the screen within windows frame mode. The apps are clear and easy to run as the 10.1 inches screen is relatively bigger to accommodate them easily. However, the apps designed for this functionality are limited as for now.

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