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It can be so frustrating. You hear a comedian tell the absolute funniest joke in the world. It’s so funny that you’re on the floor for ten minutes, shrieking hysterically. The next day you tell the same joke to your friends and their reactions are, to say the least, more subdued.

I responded to hundreds of these leads without any turning any of those leads into sales. Then, one evening, there was a lead from someone wanting a presentation skill and public speaking class in Dallas. I thought, “Oh, I got this one.” And I responded to it. The next morning, I called the person and introduced myself, and she was the most cold and distant prospect I think I have ever talked to. She just said, “We’ve already chosen someone else,” and hung up. I was totally confused.

Recently, a good friend, Sam introduced me to the Emerald Passport products. He walked me through the product over the Internet. The material fascinated me. This information should be a cornerstone of any family our there. I purchased the product that day and received it the next day.

You may also consider preparing some visual aids, such as PowerPoint, Posters, Projections, Videos, etc. During your speech, visual aids can help you easy move from one subject to another, and you will only become more confident as you move on. Of course, you need to practice with them as much as you can before the speech.

The easiest way to love public speakings to simply stop caring if you mess up in front of an audience. I know it’s strange to hear this, but it’s very true. When I realized that I could just “joke-away” my mess-ups, I would have my audience laugh with me 100% of the time instead of AT me. It was great. This actually put a greater touch on the presentations that I was doing because I got to build a deeper connection with the crowd.

Today, I am very pleased and I want to recommend wholeheartedly Emerald Passport to anyone who is working hard for their money, as we all are. I only wish that young people will discover this program in time. It will save them years of grief and protect them from making wrong decisions that can impact their whole life.

OK how do you compose a brief introduction to your business. Like putting together an ad, it’s a simple headline that catches their attention. It’s a simple 2 step sequence, present the problem and then the solution.