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Aberjhani: Your music has been featured on a number of popular websites across the Internet but you have also made an exceptional impact with original visual art presented on canvas, cups, t-shirts, and other items. How have you managed to remain so creatively productive in two such distinct fields of creative expression?

There are three types of catfish usually found in ponds. The smallest and most likely to be found is the Join my channel catfish, Flatheads and the Blue are the other two and these two are much larger.

Ingrown nails also start to become more common as we marinate through the decades. They can lead to infections. If your nails have significantly changed for the worse, it may be worth a trip to your doctor to ensure you do not have an infection, nutritional deficiency or hormonal imbalance. The vast majority of nail cases I see are simply related to the aging process and are of no threat to anyone’s health.

Start an age appropriate puzzle. Puzzles are inexpensive fun that you can easily stock up on. Older kids can do puzzles with over 1000 pieces, while younger ones do better with puzzles under 20 pieces. For finished masterpieces either use some puzzle glue to hold them together, or take them apart and set aside for another rainy day.

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There is one player on currency market (and in every other market) who never loses his share in every single trade. Brokerage service on Forex trading is claimed to be commission free, right? But you always pay your minimum 3 to 10 pips fee on each trade. Where those 3 to 10 pips go? Make your best guess!

By Aberjhani, the African American Art Examiner and the author/ co-author of eight books including Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance and The American Poet Who Went Home Again.