Insurance – Different Coverage Plans

Some people are under the wrong impression that spending money on health insurance is a waste of money. Does this sound familiar? If you feel that you are wasting money on a policy you need to think about what you are saying. Yes, you pay money for your coverage but this does not necessarily mean it is a waste. Even if you never use your medical insurance you must still consider that you are getting protection in return.

Start by understanding what you own and what you owe. You need to sit down and take a look at your total financial picture. Take the time to prepare a net worth statement. This will let you know what your assets and liabilities are.

The premium is basically the fee that you have to pay annually or monthly for the coverage you get. In case you make a claim on your policy and the insurer approves it you will have to pay a deductible. It can be a set sum, but in most cases it is a percentage of the cost of the claim. You should also keep in mind that with seguro de gastos medicos plans the deductible is fixed and has to be paid once a year. Generally, the higher the deductible is the lower the premium is and vice versa.

They may also be removed at home. One way of doing this is to tie the bottom of the tag using dental floss or a sewing thread. The supply of blood is cut and the tag will dry gradually and finally fall off.

And now, they are royally screwed. If I recall correctly, they do not have a cap on prescription drug expenses, like my medical insurance plans plan has ($5,000). I know I can come up with the $5,000 with a credit card. But cancer drugs with no cap? I can only imagine what the prescription drug expense is for this couple. The husband has been out of work due to his illness, and it all rests solely on her, a massage therapist. Though she makes a good buck per hour, she is not working 40 hours a week.

The sad reality of being sick is that an insurance company will not give you any coverage if you are already sick when coming to them. There is just no way to get medical coverage. Unless the government steps in and creates some sort of Universal health care system, many rich and poor people will die because they cannot afford proper medical care. Some medical procedures have been known to cost well over $100,000.

The most important aspect of creating a healthier office is by changing the culture. Following the previous recommendations is a great step in the right direction, but ultimately they need be reinforced by the foundation of a healthy culture. Keep health on the tip of your employees tongue’s by having a daily email of health tips and information. Schedule weekly or monthly meetings to discuss your wellness program. Most importantly, lead by example. Encourage upper management to actively participate in wellness programs. This will ultimately create a trickle down effect. Really anything you can do to create an environment for wellness is beneficial. Be creative and have fun!

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