Getting Out Of A Fire Alive

October is National Fire Protection Month and although nothing can protect us from sometimes-stupid behavior, there are some ways to be prepared and quite possibly save your life. A recent study conducted by Underwriter’s Laboratories has shown that fires in today’s homes smolder longer and then burn faster than when smoke detectors were introduced years ago. These more aggressive fires have reduced the average time it takes to escape from 17 minutes in the 1970’s to as little as three minutes under certain conditions today.

How can these folks pay for these homes if they don’t have work? I don’t have a crystal ball. But, as these homes become occupied and taken out of inventory, new homes will be needed and perhaps over a period of a couple of years, we have reversed the cycle of decay. If, we do nothing, then the drain on the tax coffers becomes more acute. More money is spent because we still need fire protection services, police and someone to drive around and tell us that those homes need the weeds cut.

The Obama Phenomena is a living example of our democracy in action, it is the shining example of this great America. This phenomenon also shows how much we as a people have grown. Yes, we still have so growing to do. But that is life we martial artist know that growing is a major part of our arts. Each day we should all learn something new each day we should work to make, ourselves, America and our worlds better. As the said on the home improvement, channel Start At Home. American has some challenges now and in the future. Mr. Barack Obama and Mr. Joe Biden we believe they are the candidates to get us thought these present and future challenges. Change is their slogan and change is what we need for America this is good change.

The final method, the dual line method, calls for two people to perform. The cleaners tie a rope on either side of the brush. One cleaner goes up the roof and the other stays by the fireplace. They each take turns in pulling the rope to scrub your chimney.

Fire extinguishers: There are different types for different fires. The kitchen, garage, and workshop should be equipped with an extinguisher rated B-C. This type is most effective on grease, oil, appliances, electrical outlets, and circuit breakers. This type is filled with powder or foam. An extinguisher rated A-B-C should be equipped in the rest of the house. This type is effective on paper, wood, cardboard, and most plastics, along with the effectiveness of the B-C type. However, an A-B-C type leaves a sticky residue that can be damaging to electrical appliances such as a computer. It is recommended that one extinguisher be on each level of flooring in a home.

If there are strong winds, there may be little they can do but get out of the way. If there is a possibility of defense, they will try. One engine or more may be on your street, ready to defend nearby homes. This means 4, maybe 8 or 12, firefighters might have to defend your entire street. If they must to decide which homes to protect, they will pick the ones which are most accessible.

There is a way to save on all of the items needed to protect your home… and on all the materials and supplies needed to rebuild. You can save now and for a lifetime on all items needed. Start protecting and saving for you and your loved ones TODAY!

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