Fighting Video Games – The Future

The Bulldogs might have jumped out to an early lead, but LSU’s Tyrann “Honey Badger” Mathieu didn’t care. His 62 yard punt return for a touchdown lit a fire under the Tigers so hot that it caused them to set Georgia’s defense ablaze “Gone with the Wind” style. RB Kenny Hilliard totaled three touchdowns in the third quarter to give them all the lead they need to win this game before the final quarter of play. While the offensive output of LSU was anything less than impressive, their defense and special teams pulled through for them as usual. QB Jordan Jefferson barely produced in the air game, throwing for a grand total of 30 yards, while the run game kept them afloat with 207 yards rushing.

The Lakers-Celtics Game 2 isn’t the only one in town tonight. On NBC, Game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals will air, as it will break a 2-2 tie between the Blackhawks and Flyers. Although the NBA Finals is still a bigger event, the Stanley Cup playoffs have been far more thrilling lately, and could have a more dramatic championship.

Notre Dame is a better team with Harangody and he could be worth two my streams to Notre Dame. Old Dominion, a Colonial Athletic Association staple, hopes to make a run like fellow Colonial team George Mason did a few years ago. It would be a nice story but it won’t happen. Notre Dame -6 will win and cover.

Now you could do this all by yourself, but I would recommend recruiting someone to be your assistant for this very important task. This assistant will be responsible for keeping track of what/how each individual contributed to making the event a memorable one.

You can’t have one player, play the game for you. It is a team sport after all. Some of these teams, the whole team relies on one player. Vancouver did that with Luongo, they just couldn’t seem to play without him. Life revolved around him until they finally figured out they were a team and couldn’t rely on one player. Now they are in the second round of the playoffs. This makes for some very bad, boring hockey games to watch.

The second half best games looked like it would be a BNL blowout. The only score in the third was a Marcus Sullivan three-yard run, followed by a Smoot 2-point conversion run to give the Stars a 14-7 lead. BNL would strike again early in the fourth when Eric Sowders ran it in from a yard out to increase their advantage to 21-7 with 9:14 remaining.

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Also, I noticed that when I stopped my crash diet, my old habits returned. Because I have not gone on to use in order to change any of my exhausted muscle tissue, I easily gained back all that I lost weight. Not only did all lost weight returns, but I also gained more weight. I went back to my normal eating habits. Does not this sound familiar?