Creating A Facebook Profile – How To Create Your Very Own Profile

‘Harry Potter’: Owls gather – ‘Pottermore’ J. K. Rowling announcement hours away — As mentioned on this page a few days ago, author J. K. Rowling is due to make an announcement on Thursday related to her popular Harry Potter series franchise. The Pottermore website leads fans to a YouTube holding page where the announcement will be broadcast. Where once one, or two, or a few owls “gathered” at the YouTube page, as of this writing, dozens of the illustrated birds now sit on branches, blink, shake their heads or tails, and apparently otherwise wait in anticipation — just like the series’ many fans.

You might wonder, how could a social media site like this with just one purpose, become as wildly popular (in such short time) as Facebook or Twitter?

Facebook does a great job of cutting down on the way we grow our profiles. Back a few years ago myspace was the big adquirir seguidores opiniones. Myspace was huge, but there biggest flaw was they let people build up a profile of endless amount of people. This led to the downfall of Myspace because everyone was creating these huge lists of friends, just to blast out there opportunity.

Filtering. Underneath the “Ways to Stumble” on the tool bar at the top of the page, is a “Modes” option. This lets one to filter different videos, photos, news etc. It also allows browsing the follower’s interest and helping sift through interests for both parties.

Interests. Once the profile is complete, be sure to fill out the interests. This tells StumbleUpon which websites the user would be interested. In addition, a “Discover Interests” section suggests general topics.

What Pinterest does is allow you to easily and quickly find more information (visually) about things that interest you. Go to the Pinterest homepage and type in “sea shells” and you’ll see exactly what we mean. You really can’t find information on an interest this easily anywhere else.

Give your business a Facebook fan page and make use of some keywords on your page. Facebook fan pages are viewable to the public and can be found in various search engines. These fan pages have a tendency to rank well and can really help you in your SEO activities.

If you find yourself stuck while trying to implement some of the strategies I’ve just discussed, don’t let it get you down. If you’re unfamiliar with any of the aforementioned concepts, look for some resources to help you get going. You can always search the Internet or visit your local library. Bookstores are full of titles that will make building a network marketing website easier. And most social media sites have detailed instructions on how to join.