Combining Visibility Methods Can Boost Your Small Business Visibility

Wendy Palmer is a sixth degree black belt in aikido and teaches aikido in Sausalito, California. She’s written many books using aikido principles to help people become more conscious, confident, compassionate, and Visible.

You’ll need to determine why you need high visibility clothing, so that you can get what you need. Perhaps you work outdoors in all weathers, or just need to keep a hi viz vest in your car, van or lorry in case of emergencies, or for when you’re visiting sites.

This is not the same as randomly picking up an article from an online directory. What you want to do is strategically select a person whose work you want to highlight as part of your relationship building plan and Visibility strategy. You’re not just running an article that someone else has written, you’re using the exchange as a way to deepen a relationship that holds potential for both parties.

Ultimately, what matters for lights is not wattage but lumens. The more powerful lights list the number of lumens they produce. From my experience, you want no less than 200 lumens to light your way. Sadly, most lights that deliver that require heavy battery packs with clunky cables that must be strung all over your bike. These lights also cost about $1/lumen and up. Happily, there is a light using yet another wave of new LEDs that resolves a lot of these drawbacks.

With the advent of summer, joggers, walkers and bikers tend to get out earlier or go out later for their workouts to avoid the heat. However, these times of day can lead to another risk and that is being visible to oncoming traffic. Also, waiting for a bus or being a stranded motorist at these times of day can also put you a risk of being hit by other vehicles.

Security workers, car park attendants, and refuse collectors, all need to be seen whilst doing their job, and so it’s not just those that work in potentially dangerous locations or environments that need to carry the right sort of clothing.

You do not need a stop watch or pedometer. Just walk. Walk with a friend. Walking with a friend will increase your enjoyment and the time will go quickly. Do these three things weekly and you will not gain that one pound. You might even loose one pound per year. You might appreciate the beauty of being outside. You might have a new or improved relationship with your walking partner. See what comes into your mind as you walk. The invisible may appear visible. Or after one year that invisible one pound in weight may never appear. Why not change your life!