Autumn Comes To New England, September, 2011. And We Are Glad Of It.

It was common knowledge that Chopin was in love with novelist George Sand, and even more common knowledge that Sand was a social climber bent on attracting every powerful man she could to further her insatiable ambition.

Daintree rain forest is a truly inspiring location. The natural result of so much inspiration is art, and the scenery boasts plenty of that. Local artists display their works at Dragonfly and Lora Villa Art Galleries demonstrating how the multi-sensory experience of such rich life translates into visual images.

Get into some high octane clubbing and descend upon the vodka-swigging high-rollers in Moscow, Russia. The late night scene is perfect for gawking at the celebrities and the well-heeled locals! Decadent clubs and stylish hotspots tossed in with the diverse, the bespoke and the beautiful make it naughty and notorious! For something that is virtually off the party fanatics’ radar, check out the exciting scene in Belgrade, the party city and capital of Serbia! Squeeze in some rest early afternoon for when the sun goes down, the bold, the beautiful and the drop dead gorgeous step out! With wacky, weird and wild entertainment venues at every nook and corner, there is something for everyone! If you think this is Communist backwaters, think again!

Noon and 2:00 PM – Family Amphitheater Performances at Skirball Cultural Center, 2701 N. Sepulveda Blvd., L.A. Join the jam with One World Beat. An adult must accompany children. Admission: $10 adults, $5 children 2-12. For more information, call (877) 722-4849.

Australia belongs to the list of happiest people in the world because of the many opportunities that can be had in this country. The beaches are superb, the culture is welcoming and there are plenty of career opportunities to boot.

Rhode Island, the littlest state, suffers from an indelible inferiority complex which has produced in once nick-named “Little Rhody” the insistent temerity of the “mouse that roared.” Rhode Islanders take no guff, and with that chip on the shoulder, defy you to knock it off. Even the boldest think twice before European festivals they try…

My mother, who never completed college, always worked and always held what felt to me as a child to be professional jobs. We had an open home where we welcomed guests and I learned to let the guests eat first in case there was not enough food. In my teen years, lack of food was no longer an issue and it was just a question of whether the leftovers were going to last one week or two.

Try making flan at home. It is a simple recipe that may require just a little practice to get just right. Your family and friends will be utterly amazed when you bring this elegant dessert out for them to enjoy. Serve it any day of the week or save it for a special occasion. Flan will soon become a favorite dessert.