A Guide To Backlinks And Getting More Traffic To Your Website

T.M. Harris, the author of “Time To Play Dirty” is someone I’ve discovered in the last few months. It seems as if he came out of nowhere onto the internet marketing scene. He is a real down to earth type of person and has a lot of awesome information to share, and in his new book “Time To Play Dirty” he does exactly that.

And for the next good reason, if you host your blog at blogger, you automatically one step ahead in getting listed in the search engine. For example, Google runs the free blog hosting site blogspot and this almost make you easily get listed in Google’s blog search engine. This can definitely save you some time to promote your own blog hosted in other hosting company from scratch.

Smorg: Would you say that you are now living a more balanced life with a more healthy mindset? But that you just don’t feel like returning to competitive golf anymore?

The Internet is no longer a “build it and they will come” medium. It’s a “you better learn how to make traffic” medium. And it’s the lack of traffic that kills most social media.

I think the owner of a new, small community site needs to give the site at least one year and preferably two years of operation before determining if the site meets enough expectations to warrant its continuation. The owner can set a tone for the site with occasional strong opinions. Of course, that depends upon the site’s focus, but I don’t think lameness works. Studies have shown that for community sites, most visitors are browsing or read-only users. Only a small percentage of visitors contribute content, and an even smaller percentage are active contributors. That’s why it’s important for a new site owner to post often. And they need to be interesting posts. Some of the posts should contain a lengthy analysis and an opinion. Browsing users need a reason to visit the site often.

The very first thing people need to do is start the process of branding themselves online. Getting signed up on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn as well as your own personal blog are the first steps in your journey to success in your business. You must own the first page in Google and the other search engines for your name. Joining these social networks is a start.

CE: A few months ago I started my third book, it is about a general sense of security in our world, and law enforcements role/lack of role in that. Security and where it is derived from, are a very elusive thing in our society these days. I delve into the different ways we search for a feeling of safety in this big world, when and how we perceive security, and if we ever really have it at all.

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