3 Big Don’ts If You’re Using A Handfasting Ceremony In Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony

A wedding ceremony is the most romantic occasion in a woman’s life. Nowadays more and more brides are choosing romantic places to hold their weddings. A sunset wedding is a location that scores high on the romantic index. Sunset weddings are the most fitting end of romance and the beginning of life together.

Want a backdrop of Asian grandeur to bestow your wedding day? Book the Asian Art Museum which can seat from 400 to 1200 guests. The enchanting history of China, Japan, India and South East Asia interwoven into your special day, will be perfect for having a traditional Asian wedding. Your wedding planner can help you decide an ethnic Asian cuisine to highlight the traditional aspects.

It’s all because we had been there on vacation once and we would both admit that we got hooked. My husband actually brought me to the Amalfi Coast to ask me to marry him. We knew right there and then, that it was going to be a Positano Romantic wedding for us. Our experiences had been unbelievable and we knew that having an Positano wedding would be nothing short of perfect!

If your wedding is classified as modern styles, halter dresses are your favorite choices. This style will add elegance to this design. With simple yet gorgeous nature, dress made of chiffon with a knee-length will be great for a romantic wedding.

For spring Romantic website dresses, airy and light fabrics can reflect well of this season. Chiffon, lace and organza are best choice. Let the spring breeze wisp your wedding gown during the ceremony especially in the outdoor wedding.

Jewelry accessories you can let the bridesmaids choose themselves. Of course, you need to point out that what kind of jewelry you want them to wear for example pearls, silver or gold, to the details, bridesmaids can select from their own jewelry. They may feel more comfortable to wear their familiar jewelry.

Hats and caps are rarely worn by brides but if you insist on wearing one, wear your hair down. It can be straight or curled, through the entire length or just at the ends. No use wearing a good updo as the cap/ hat will hide it.