Linkedin Etiquette For Mobile Marketing Professionals

LinkedIn is becoming more and more poplar as a social media marketing networking tool as opposed to the job seekers resource. The creation of groups, iPhone applications, slide shares has really changed the way that we interact in LinkedIn. LinkedIn is still widely used by job seekers but also by those looking to hire a company based upon their profile, summaries and answers to questions. Optimizing your LinkedIn profile not only helps your on page/profile searches by having your summary optimized but also with search engine rankings. A two for the price of one here!

Finally as mentioned earlier, the groups or fan pages someone belongs to may tell something about them. However, do not assume that because someone has joined a group or become a fan relating to a specific company, that they are with that company. They might simply be trying to meet people who are in that company. I find lots of realtors in MLM groups who just find that some of the same training is useful to them.

This is the time you should start looking for other auto insurance companies with affordable cost-effective rates. This is ultimately one way of lowering your daily expenses. Don’t take the word of their agents. Instead you should personally look at their policies so that you can decide yourself and not the agent pushing you to sign a contract with them. The insurance companies are competing with each other to have as many clients as they can. As a result, they keep lowering their rates so that clients will get attracted to their Follow company profile.

Here were three quick MAJOR examples of innovations changing the entire market – and the way every-day business is conducted – on a wide-scale. But every single day individual industries are being revolutionized. Including your own.

Not so much fun is it? Or is it? Every month you get new stuff to do and to work on, and some great home Business tips. That is one expense you don’t have to worry about – the tips, and there is no traveling involved. The one amazing thing about this is that it costs you $21 but you seem to get more money coming into your bank account than that! Must be the money fairy at work again!

LinkedIn gives you the ability to list three websites on your profile. Are you taking advantage of it? Do you have a Twitter profile or other social networking profile that you want to advertise? Company website? A blog that you enjoy reading? Anything that you would want associated with yourself should be listed here. You will be adding to the search engine optimization of your own websites just by the fact that you list them here!

What do I mean about that? I see most people set up their profile 20% THEM and 80% THEIR BUSINESS! When a visitor comes to that type of profile they judge the business before they judge the person. Putting your business in your profile page doesn’t separate you from your competition. Another issue I see with most people that they use their company LOGO as a profile picture. This is even worse than putting your business in your profile because they will judge your picture before looking at your profile page. Another one that I see that most people do is they put 6, 8 and/or up to 10 links to their website. This will scare a visitor when they see this because that is a sign of desperation or THROWING UP!

That’s just the start and I hope these 5 business tips help inspire you to take positive action to not only survive the recession, but to beat it and profit!